No Pulitzer Prize for multimedia

The 2006 Pulitzer Prize winners include photojournalist Todd Heisler of the Rocky Mountain News, in Denver, Colorado. I thought his incredible pictures of Marines and their dead (from the Iraq war) at funerals back in the U.S. were Pulitzer material the minute I first saw them.

But you really should see them as I did — in this format. It’s one of the most stunning multimedia stories to date. See if you agree.

Maybe there will never be a prize for Forrest Stewart (multimedia producer) or Sonya Doctorian (audio and video), but I admire what they did almost as much as I admire Heisler’s first-rate, remarkable photography.

Jim Sheeler, also of the Rocky Mountain News, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing for his story about a Marine “who helps the families of comrades killed in Iraq cope with their loss …” His story is also incorporated into the online package.

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