MySpace and its influence (or lack of)

PaidContent is keeping an eye on MySpace and the other social sites popular among young people: MySpace had 6 per cent more visits than Bebo last week but three months ago that was 39 per cent. Bebo has… Read More

Covering the facts about Web losses

I don’t mean to imply that anyone’s doing anything underhanded — it’s all just business as usual, as made clear by Richard Siklos in this New York Times story: … given how much the Internet has already transformed… Read More

What the Net has done to journalism

Many journalism educators will find this Washington Post article very useful as a condensed version of all that has happened to our field in recent years. At the end, Patricia Sullivan writes: There’s no question that the Internet… Read More

Which images get your attention?

A short and sweet summary of latest Eyetrack findings from my friend Laura Ruel. Although some of this is common sense, just go and look at some news Web sites and see whether they are breaking every rule… Read More

It’s what you DO with it that matters

Just think about this for a minute: I’ve learned that a journalist basically does three things: collect data, distill data, and present data… It seems to me the first piece has gotten rather trivial in many cases. Data… Read More

Online storytelling examples

Al Tompkins, of Poynter, shares some of his current favorite examples of “great online storytelling.” The Naples (Fla.) News database of local housing sales is an excellent package, very smart — but not one I would highlight for… Read More

Learning about typography

A long time ago, I knew someone who had had a summer job in the warehouse of a trade magazine publisher. To describe how incredibly boring those magazines were, he said, “They were about things like typesetting.” His… Read More