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What I’ve Learned After 20 Podcasts is a short (and sweet) tip sheet from Derrick Story (The Digital Story), and everyone who is doing podcasts now — or who wants to start — should read it. Derrick uses the M-Audio recorder (which I just ordered last week … waiting … !).

Let people know when you’re going to publish and stick to it. This is vital in podcasting. I recommend posting once a week and on the same day. This is particularly important for commuters who plan out their weekly listening schedule. And believe me, you want to be part of their plans.Show length is another component worth thinking through. I like 30-minute episodes because they’re about the same length as short TV shows, and they have enough substance to keep people occupied during their commute to work. Regardless of the length you like, keep it about the same each week so listeners can plan.

See my audio resources page for some more gear tips and links.

I used this too-nifty little utility — playtagger — to play the podcasts from the Digital Story site. If you use Firefox, you just drag the obvious link up to your browser toolbar, and then you can play any MP3 from any Web page without opening a player!

Our college Web administrator, Craig Lee, dropped some links into my a while ago, and I just got around to looking at them. These links are from Craig.

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