What do we mean by entrepreneurial?

This word “entrepreneurial” is popping up a lot in the journalism blogs lately. A reader called “Mac” left this comment on an earlier post (The changing skill set for journalists): Technology and multimedia skills are certainly important, but… Read More

Under the hood: washingtonpost.com’s new look

I was wondering when The Washington Post was going to comment about its Web redesign on its nice behind-the-scenes blog. Now they have: To better highlight our award-winning video and photo content, we’ve added a multimedia strip to… Read More

If only I could be in Pamplona

Nice blogging (in English) from Malofiej in Pamplona, Spain (March 25-30). I wish I could have seen the presentation by Matt Ericson of The New York Times. Our favorite analogy was from Shan Carter in online graphics at… Read More

How to get started in photojournalism

Jim McNay — former NPPA president and current photojournalism director at the Brooks School of Photography — has put together “a comprehensive, accessable, honest-but-not-too-discouraging compilation of issues professional journalists may face. He gives a lot of details about… Read More

Evidence of the Reddit effect

Crazy — one link on Reddit. Technorati tags: audiences | blogs | metrics

Telling the whole world about citizen media

Proponents of so-called citizen journalism want to maintain the momentum and spread the idea: OhmyNews plans to establish a global network of international citizen media Web sites … while developing a global resource site of citizen journalism with… Read More

Why Al Jazeera English is blocked in the U.S.

Finally, I’m happy that I watched an episode of Frontline’s “News War” series on TV. The first three were very disappointing — stuffy, predictable, old-fashioned and dull. In the fourth installment, “Stories from a Small Planet,” the series… Read More