A dose of reality: Video editing

Angela Grant tells us:

When I first started in my position about one year ago, it took me a complete 8-hour shift or longer to produce one video. Through a lot of mistakes and learning, I decreased my production time. On average, I’ll shoot for 1-2 hours and edit for 2-3 hours. Plus drive time. So my start-to-finish production time is six hours or less. That’s for multi-source, complete visual story types of videos. Nowadays, I can shoot for two videos and then edit for one video in an 8-hour shift. However, less involved pieces take much less time (maybe two hours including driving, shooting and editing).

Print this out, and leave it on desks and chairs and taped to computer monitors around your newsroom.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do video. Just don’t expect your fresh new shooters and editors to churn the stuff out at lightning speed, please.

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