Best journalism schools in the U.S.

I came across this article via a new journalism wiki:

Tanya Sharma had scored 93.5 per cent in her The Indian School Certificate exams. So, when she opted to study journalism at the University of Florida her family and friends were aghast. They expected her to head directly to one of the prestigious IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) or to one of the top medical colleges in India or abroad. However, Tania had a different plan for her future. She wanted to pursue a career that provided her a degree of freedom, a sense of adventure and prestige. Journalism was her preferred choice!

The article goes on to list “10 most popular journalism schools in the United States.” See if you agree!

Obviously I have a horse in this race — I teach online journalism at the University of Florida. But I’m also quick to tell people that some other j-schools are also awesome: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, for multimedia and information graphics; University of California, Berkeley, for its two-year-long professional master’s in journalism; the Missouri School of Journalism for traditional reporting and editing.

I compiled a list of links on a Squidoo page to point prospective students toward some of the big lists of j-schools, such as the lists from Editor & Publisher and U.S. News & World Report.

There’s also a completely unscientific ranking of best j-schools at UnSpun. I set up the list a month ago, and since then the “mechanical turks” of Amazon have had at it with gusto.

Comments? And please — offer a reason why your favorite deserves our attention! (Thank to Will Sullivan for the wiki link.)

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  1. I say this a lot – Eastern Illinois’ j-school doesn’t get nearly the recognition it deserves. They were doing podcasts and soundslides and blogging way before most. I think it’s because they’re right in the middle of the Big 10 and all the j-school activity there.

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