Designing a much better news home page

Every so often, I blurt out something about how UGLY most newspaper Web pages are. Ugly to look at, ugly to use, hard to parse, cluttered — all of the above.

Designer Andy Rutledge has written a wonderful point-by-point comparison, with illustrations, showing why USA Today‘s recent Web redesign is “uglier” than CNN‘s even more recent redesign. This post is well worth your time even if you don’t have a single drop of design blood in your body. Think about it — every communicator in today’s visual world needs to understand this.

If your message fails because of poor design, then your message will not be heard or understood.

(Link via Journerdism.)

2 Comments on “Designing a much better news home page

  1. And remember, poor design covers many areas–aesthetics and information architecture among them. How many news Web sites have good search engines? How many are in optimized CSS and HTML? Crap coding makes searching a bear. (and makes things difficult when you decide to change a basic design element or transfer your old files to a new system.)

  2. It’s a great post. I hope many designers study it. I notice that the sites each have only one ad on the page. I wonder if someone will take on the challenge of designing a news Web page that has as many ads as possible and still works well and looks good.

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