Evidence of the Reddit effect

Crazy — one link on Reddit.

March 29, 1:30 a.m.

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3 Comments on “Evidence of the Reddit effect

  1. Congrats, Mindy. Glad to see reddit was able to send some traffic your way. Hopefully you’ve gained a few more new readers from it.

  2. How does a link on a list of seemingly unrelated topics provide such a massive boost in page hits? Are people just clicking at random?

    And how do links get on Reddit in the first place?

    (Forgive me I sound confused.)

  3. I think it means nothing — these people don’t care about my usual subject matter at all. They click, they glance, they leave. It’s really useless. Except, as Alexis said, maybe I will pick up a few new regular readers as a result. And I do mean a FEW.

    Links get on Reddit the same way they get on Digg — people post them.

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