Expanding the news brand via acquisitions

It’s high time I sent some blog love to Lucas Grindley, a journalist at HeraldTribune.com in Sarasota, Florida. He compiled a list in April 2007 of “businesses newspapers should buy” — and lo and behold, the buying has begun!

First Jupitermedia bought MediaBistro (July 2007).

Then News Corp. bought Beliefnet (announced Dec. 5), a site about religion that has been winning journalism awards for several years now.

Now Grindley announces that another one of his hot picks is an acquisition target — CNet, a site that’s been delivering reviews and news about technology products almost as long as there has been a WWW.

There are 17 more juicy Web businesses on Grindley’s list — worth thinking about, I’d say.

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  1. Finally someone has taken notice! Thanks, Mindy.

    Your headline is dead on. The list might not have all the answers, but point of the list is to think about what types of acquisitions newspaper companies should be considering while the bargains are still out there.

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