Frequent use of online video

The Pew Internet & American Life Project published a 28-page report about online video this week, and posts by Melissa Worden and Steve Yelvington sum up some of the most interesting findings. The survey was conducted in February and March 2007, and almost 1,500 people took part.

Chart from Pew: Online Video Gets Social

For me, these findings about participation are very interesting. I think it makes sense for news organizations to make their videos embeddable in other people’s Web pages — as well as making it easy to e-mail direct links to specific videos and also bookmark them.

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  3. Mindy — Sharing is SUCH a pet peeve of mine. I would prefer to go to an original source for a clip — given a choice between YouTube and an official site, I’ll take the official site. But if the official site doesn’t give me a sharing option — worse yet, sometimes **no discernible URL** — I often end up at YouTube. Their loss.

  4. I don’t mind clicking a link to go to a video. That is, I don’t get mad if the video is not embedded directly on the page.

    What does annoy me terribly is when I click a link and it goes to an overall video page on a site. This is what referrers must do when there is “no discernible URL” — and it requires the person (me) to search for a needle in a haystack.

    Well, guess what? I won’t take the time to do that. If the link turns out not to go directly to the exact video, I just back out and forget about it.

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