Getting their video on, in New Jersey

How’s this for attitude? “The television station New Jersey doesn’t have.”

At The Star-Ledger, a Newhouse newspaper in Newark, New Jersey, a new video site called TV Jersey features work by staff photographers and contributions from the public. That quote is the tagline for the site.

John O’Boyle, a 20-year staff photographer at The Star-Ledger, feels totally pumped about the new Web site. Rather than a sign that they’re trying to imitate TV, he says the site’s name (and the tagline) “plays off the fact that New Jersey has no television station and relies on New York and Philadelphia stations.” That’s the local angle so many news organizations are looking for.

Two REALLY interesting things about this new site: (1) The videos are all YouTube encoded! Share and share and share. Brilliant. (2) The site is built on Movable Type, a mostly blogging platform, which allows for easy posting (and searching) of new content.

The site also encourages users’ contributions in a very positive way:

TVJersey has no broadcast towers, no satellites. It doesn’t even have a studio. But it has you. And what you produce, we’ll promote.

In a frame at the foot of the home page, YouTube videos with the tag “TVJersey” are displayed. Somebody over there at The Star-Ledger apparently gets it!

O’Boyle wrote this to me in an e-mail:

There is a “video challenge” contest asking people to send in their videos on a specific topic. The current one is Valentine’s Day.

There is a [linked] list of upcoming area events [in the sidebar] that you might want to videotape. This feature taps into the newspaper’s vast database of local events.

Since much of the operation is automated, it does not require lots of manpower.

I will be keeping my eye on TV Jersey for sure.

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2 Comments on “Getting their video on, in New Jersey

  1. Is TVjersey the official Star Ledger video web site?

  2. Seth,

    Our *official* Web site for all things, from breaking news to video, is TVJersey is an offshoot, a playground, a labor of love. And we hope it’ll be a place where New Jerseyans can have a lively conversation about videos created by their friends and neighbors. If you’ve got the time, drop by from time to time and please let us know what we can do better.

    John (one of the TVJersey crew)

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