Learn multimedia skills, online, on your own

Paul Conley provides a lovely list — with proper links — telling us where to go “to learn the skills of multimedia journalism.”

My emphasis [is] on free or inexpensive resources that allowed journalists to teach themselves…. a quick and updated list of resources for multimedia 101.

He left out one great one: Make Internet TV.

And while I used to sing the praises of Bloglines, I have pretty much abandoned that; I switched to Google Reader instead.

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2 Comments on “Learn multimedia skills, online, on your own

  1. I just switched to Google Reader too. Not because I was unhappy with Bloglines…But I just created my Google Home page and I just thought it would be convenient to have everything in one place.

  2. Patrick Beeson goaded me to try Google Reader a while back. At first I wasn’t very impressed, but it grew on me. It *does* work very well with my Google home page!

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