Maybe the best politics site ever

I’m no fan of the horse-race style used to cover elections. I am very interested in the issues, and in what candidates say, compared with what their past actions say about them.

PolitiFact is a politics site for me, and it sure has been a long time coming. A joint project from the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times and Congressional Quarterly, PolitiFact is the love child of St. Pete Times Washington bureau chief Bill Adair and investigative reporter Matt Waite (with at least a dozen midwives lending assistance).

It’s a delightfully browsable and fast-loading site — and who wouldn’t love a “Pants on Fire” ruling? If anything can keep our politicians honest, this might be it!

For a fun example story, see Obama Girl gets Giuliani right — and check out the transparency displayed in the sidebar titled “About this story.”

Matt says: “The whole site is inspired by Adrian Holovaty’s manifesto on the fundamental way newspaper websites need to change” (Sept. 6, 2006) — one of “journalism’s essential blog posts,” as listed by Shane Richmond, of

3 Comments on “Maybe the best politics site ever

  1. This is an interesting concept. It could be a great way to keep those that are not necessarily interested in listening to what the pundits think engaged in the races. I’m hoping to put together a site that includes audio snippets that allow our mayoral candidates to be heard and not just read. The more interactive the information is, the better it will be for the process

  2. A nice addition to the space. I cannot trust television news, nor do i have the time to sift through speeches. I am in the UK so I cannot vote 🙁 but still we are all invested in your election.

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