More from the Online News Association conference

I’ve been digging around in search of posts that summarize panels at the 2007 ONA convention in Toronto.

Howard Owens wrote about the so-called superpanel, moderated by NPR Digital’s Maria Thomas, with panelists Meredith Artley (executive editor,; Josh Cohen (Google News); Ian Clarke (Thoof); and Anil Dash (Six Apart). Bill Densmore posted some insights into how Google News is generated.

Danny Sanchez wrote about Adrian Holovaty’s one-man panel on “Making Data Webby,” which I might also write something about next week; Danny’s got a good summary.

Barb Iverson live-blogged several sessions on her blog, CurrentBuzz, including “Advertising 2.0” and “Finding Your Voice Online.”

Joe Grimm, of the Detroit Free Press, wrote about the first gang of Knight News Challenge winners in an article at the Poynter site. On Wednesday, they gave reports about their progress so far. Joe provides a summary.

JD Lasica linked to a bunch of digital tools discussed in the session “Running a Digi-Newsroom on the Cheap.”

I’m working on a post about the multimedia storytelling panel, for Monday.

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