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Colin Mulvany at The Spokesman-Review, in Spokane, Washington, sent me a link to this video that he shot, edited and narrated, which I had not seen before. What I really liked about it:

  1. Watching the EPA clean-up crew wheel dozens of giant barrels of toxic waste out of an average-looking suburban home. This is a case where showing is much, much more effective than telling!
  2. The editing, because there are a lot of shots and each one is short, so I never got bored. I watched it to the end.

Colin posted some remarks about making the video, which appear just below the video on the same page. Here’s an excerpt:

It is one where I did it all on deadline. I shot the video, wrote and voiced the narration and finally I edited it all together in an interesting and informative (hopefully) package. Recently, I have been using more and more of my voice in my videos because I felt that the objective narration helps move the story along. When I first started producing videos, my mantra was “let the subject tell the story.” There was such a desire on my part to not be like “TV,” that I felt adding my voice would take away from the story. As I have experimented along the way, I’ve come to the conclusion that narration is not such a bad thing.

Colin is (was) a print photojournalist who began shooting video for the newspaper in August 2005. I had invited him to come to our video journalism panel at my university, but he couldn’t take the time off (our loss!).

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