Online news design: Clean, clear, hierarchical

Julián Gallo says he doesn’t know exactly how an online newspaper must be, but he has three strict rules all must follow:

  1. Online newspapers must be easy to read.
  2. Online newspapers must provide hierarchies of information.
  3. Online newspapers must be mashable.

Check out MDZol, a new online newspaper from Mendoza, Argentina. Gallo designed it. I like the section fronts (see Mundo, for example) even more than the home page.

All the work of MDZol is oriented to an ordered, proportionate and rational newspaper. There is nothing capricious, no strident colors, no weird animations, no subsections — nothing that lacks the sole objective of understanding and weighing the news. Everything is oriented to indicate clearly to the reader the importance of the news items and to define a clear sequence for reading, neither more nor less.

Read more (at Gallo’s blog) if you read Spanish. Even if you don’t, look at the MDZol site.

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