Please change your links

Hi, everyone. If you have been kind enough to link to this blog in your blogroll, please note that it has a new URL:

I’m still working the kinks out of the new design. My first try at fixing the truncated RSS feed posts didn’t work, so I’ve installed a different plug-in, CompleteRSS. Let me know if you are still seeing cut-off posts in the RSS feed.

I have an ugly right-margin error in IE 7. Working on that too.

Today is a national holiday in the United States, and I’ve noticed that readership has been low this week. I hope that’s only because of the holiday! If you’re in the U.S., happy July Fourth (Independence Day)! If you’re somewhere else, never fear, this blog will get settled and organized in its new home soon.

5 Comments on “Please change your links

  1. It’s the holiday. I think lots of folks took off the first part of the week. The new design looks spiffy in Firefox for me. Don’t use IE7 (fortunately). 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m new to your blog and I happen to know a thing or two about web design and I kwon it takes forever, and it’s never as good as you want it to be.

    As for the holiday, well, I’m from Portugal so, the 4th of July is not a holiday here. However, I am a student of Journalism, and your blog has provided me with a lot of knowledge. Therefore I hope get things done quickly, so that I can learn some more new things. 😉

  3. You’re welcome! It appears that I finally have the full feed working again! Thanks for being patient.

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