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Responding to my post here yesterday, Melissa Worden (a multimedia producer at provided even more ideas for us to chew on.

If a producer who wasn’t on the scene puts the package together, “it’s like writing a print story from someone else’s notes,” Melissa wrote.

Mark Hamilton commented:

That is what used to be done by rewrite staff on the desk: taking down the notes and observations from the reporter in the field and then crafting that into the story for the paper. The best of the rewrite editors were experts at getting all the pertinent facts and detail out of the reporter.

Melissa examined the options and concluded:

When the newsroom ALWAYS thinks online FIRST — and decides the best way to tell that story (text, audio, slideshow, video or an interactive graphic/database) — THEN takes that story and modifies/edits it for print, the reporter/photographer always will be the creative behind the multimedia.

Go and check out her reasoning in her post, because she’s right there on the ground — one of the journalists who is blazing this trail.

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  1. At The Spokesmanreview, we’re doing more and more breaking news multimedia. It started with just me and my video camera producing a video as fast as I could. Now, others in our newsroom, including police reporters and other online multimedia producers are cranking out breaking news videos and slideshows. This new industry trend will make TV news websites nervous, and bring new viewers to newspaper websites.

    Here is a video I shot, voiced, and edited in about three hours.

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