Slideshows take center stage

This just in:

Slideshows at account for an amazing 10 percent of all traffic to the site, according to its general manager, Vivian Schiller.

Source: MarketWatch, via Lucas Grindley.

Schiller did not provide more specific statistics about the success of the slideshows, according to MarketWatch.

Check out New York Times slideshows.

6 Comments on “Slideshows take center stage

  1. I believe it. Here at The (Jackson, MS) Clarion-Ledger, galleries consistently are among the most popular pages. We could put a up gallery of anything – football games to Pavarotti – and it will still receive more hits than most of the stories.

  2. I am trialling the software in order to get it on board at my local daily newspaper, but am having problems.

    It just stalls every time I try and load even a couple of jpgs? I realise this is not the place to ask techy questions, but I can see that this is a great journalistic tool, and that more people should be using it!

  3. What software are you talking about, Richard?

    If your photos are too large, maybe you should resize them. Check the dimensions in Photoshop — 800 x 500 is a decent size online.

  4. I’m actually surprised. In general, I hate slideshows on news sites. Then again, I’m the impatient type that doesn’t want to click and click and click and click…

  5. Sorry, I made a subconscious assumption that you were talking about Soundslides, which is what I was using.

    I tried smaller images, similar to the dimensions you suggest, but still couldn’t get SS to load up the jpgs?

    Thanks in advance

  6. @Richard: Then probably it is one of these things causing the problem.

    1. You saved the JPGs as “progressive.” Won’t work. Re-save each one.

    2. File size of JPGs still too large. Should be in the ballpark of 100 KB or less, each.

    3. Too many JPGs — like, 100.

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