Small multimedia: Sputnik

Lee Glynn, a multimedia artist and designer at The St. Pete Times, in Florida, showed off a package about the Sputnik anniversary at a workshop held Saturday at our university. It’s kind of a workaday package, but that’s worth thinking about. It’s an anniversary story — you can plan ahead. It’s not a huge story — but it’s got special appeal in Florida.

Storyboard, online and print graphics by Lee Glynn

Lee explained how the print and online artists and designers worked together to create both packages concurrently. She drew the storyboards (above) for the online package and asked the print graphics folks to provide certain views and angles of the 3-D model. Lee did the photo and video research herself.

You can see the full-page graphic that ran in the newspaper at right, and a few screens from the online package at left. Notice how both treatments can use the same assets.

This is a good example of how every newsroom should be working.

(Graphic posted here with Lee’s permission.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Mindy. That’s a great teaching tool — students often have a hard time with the concept of storyboards for online projects. The fact that this one ties in print and online elements makes it even more useful in the classroom.

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