Support this child’s laptop for only pennies a day

The One Laptop Per Child program has my full support. But my support, unfortunately, is just a warm feeling in my heart. Jeff Jarvis has suggested that the project subsidize the distribution of laptops to children in developing countries by selling us wealthier folks the same laptops at an inflated price. Now the BBC reports that the OLPC group might launch a “buy 2 and get 1” deal.

One Laptop Per Child

While I would like to fondle one of the laptops for a day or two, I don’t really want to own one. What I would love to do, though, is add OLPC to my annual charity donations list. I’m telling you, I believe in this program! I think it can change the world.

So give me a way to do what those “you can sponsor a child for just $24 a month” campaigns purport to do. Send me a picture of a kid with the laptop I bought for her. Make a Web site, for heaven’s sake, so it’s fully transparent and all of us donors know we are not all getting the same photo of the same kid. (Imagine the database: name of child, country, date laptop received, photo of child with laptop, donor ID number. Nothing could be simpler.) I would pay $150 (or $200, or $250) to buy a laptop for a child in India, Kenya, Cambodia, Brazil … you name it. Heck, once the kid has her laptop, she can send me an e-mail!

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