Use the Force, Luke: Blogging should take more time, not less

John Robinson, editor of the News & Record in Greensboro, North Carolina, must be one of the smartest people in the newspaper business:

The right question is, “How can I spend more time with my blog?” … Rather than assume that blogging is an add-on, with the insinuation is that it is taking away time from “serious” journalism, how about treating it as journalism itself?

He is responding to a post at Poynter by Amy Gahran, in which she addresses the common lament that keeping a blog eats up too much time. (Yeah, time you were going to spend doing what instead?)

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  1. Thanks, Mindy, but I’m not all that smart — I still believe in newsprint, for god’s sake! I have just drunk the digital Kool-Aid…And I’ve had to answer that same question Amy posed half a million times. After a while, I finally realized the question was based on a misunderstanding of the value of not only blogs but of what was important for journalists to work on.

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