Which video camera to buy

I’m still working on research on the accessories, but I have decided on the Canon HV20 for student use. I have open-sourced all my research on the camera and accompanying gear, so feel free to take what you will.

Two invaluable sources of information have been Chuck Fadely’s Newspaper Video group on Yahoo and Andy Dickinson’s blog.

I had thought I would get a tapeless camera model, but the evidence indicates that now is not the time (yet) to try to get that working in the classroom (unless you’re buying all new stuff in your labs, and we are not). The Canon HV20 uses MiniDV tapes. A lot of people doing video in newspaper newsrooms have advised me to stick with tape, for now.

My earlier post has some great comments on it: Tape vs. hard drive vs. card, and AVCHD

Update (11:40 a.m.): My colleague Craig Lee sent this link: 10 Things to Know When Buying an HD Camcorder

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  1. Mini dv remains the easiest way to get decent quality at low cost. The interesting thing about storing just in digits is you’re more likely to lose the footage than if it’s stashed on a $2 tape.

    A $200 camera today could be replaced in 3 years with something fab.

  2. This info is really helpful. I have been racking my brain for months trying to come up with a camera for our paper to buy. Thank you!!

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