Online video approaches, innovation

Now we’re talking about breaking away from the so-called rules of online video. So watch this, and see what you think: Original video (bigger) here. (See the 270 comments posted there.) Videographer Benjamin Reece is a filmmaker and… Read More

The Wire writer on The Colbert Report

Last night, David Simon appeared on The Colbert Report. Here is the episode. To go straight to Simon, click the controller bar at the 14-minute mark. The Wire is a five-season series that ran on HBO. Not being… Read More

Data visualization resources

While I was shamelessly picking the brain of Matt Waite in recent weeks, he advised me that if I don’t have more than three to five weeks to spend on “data” (sort of akin to what we used… Read More

Watching the consumers

Many journalists tell me that the numbers for Web site visitors are watched very closely in their newsrooms. They know which videos get clicks and which ones don’t. They know which thumbnails translate into high numbers for photo… Read More

Multimedia training in Miami

JANUARY 3-6 Creating Audio Narratives Jim Seida, MSNBC, and Nancy Donaldson, The New York Times Multimedia Production Meredith Birkett, MSNBC, and Kim Grinfeder, UM SoC Teaching Multimedia: A Workshop For College Educators Rich Beckman, UM SoC, and Laura Ruel, UNC JOMC… Read More

Reassessing newspaper video

What’s up with newspaper video today? On the news that The New York Times is preparing a big new video thrust, it’s got to be worth some thought. Peter Ralph recently wrote 7 tips to encourage those of… Read More

Getting started with Twitter

Amy Gahran explains Twitter for journalists in a new post. It includes a straight-up tutorial on how to get started. One thing I would emphasize: Twitter is all about whom you are following ( “follow” is to Twitter… Read More