Timeline of online journalism milestones

Andy Dickinson took my list from yesterday and combined it with Paul Bradshaw’s list and constructed a cool timeline of online journalism milestones: Please upgrade your browser Visit Andy’s blog here.

Breaking news online: A short history and timeline

The events in Mumbai, and news coverage thereof, have got me thinking about big news events I remember having a significant impact online, or via online reporting. Maybe these are milestones in the evolution of news reporting. April… Read More

Twitter, Mumbai, and 10 facts about journalism now

I think everyone knows that what’s happening in Mumbai is on Twitter, being updated live. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch wrote about it on Wednesday, and he has a nice screenshot in the post to show you what it… Read More

How to uninstall old Flash players

While doing a search on a Flash question, I came across a useful tip at — surprisingly — Fox News. A reader wrote to Tech Q&A and described a problem with Flash Player 10 and Windows Vista Ultimate…. Read More

Why no blog posts?

It’s been downright tough to even think about blogging lately, with a combination of regular work, extra committee work, and a trip to Argentina to speak at a conference and train journalists. If you’re looking for something to… Read More

Photojournalism sites recommended

This comes from Mark Luckie’s blog, “10,000 Words”: Amazing photojournalism: Where to find the best in news photography Nine sites — there’s sure to be one you don’t already know. I’m surprised he left out Magnum in Motion…. Read More

Laptops for everyone: OLPC repeats ‘Give One, Get One’

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) will send one Linux laptop to a child in a developing country if you pay for two. You’ll get one to keep. That’s mine, above, from December 2007. Click the image to see… Read More