Obama’s speech remade for the Web

The New York Times has put up a wonderful package of Obama’s Election Night speech, with a dynamic transcript and a useful navigation bar. Listen and watch again.

The map of population size, U.S. Election

Although the popular vote was not a landslide, the map redrawn with the size of each state scaled to represent its population makes it clear that we are a majority blue nation. An explanation of the method used… Read More

How the Web saw Election Night

I grabbed 16 screenshots throughout the evening, about half showing the vote maps at various news organizations and the other half showing the updated home pages after 11 p.m. Eastern Time. Here’s the slideshow (at Flickr). I think… Read More

Awesome live voting via Twitter

This is the best use of Twitter so far. My gosh, I can hardly stop watching this. This is much better than news media reports (on voters voting, I mean). I have the shivers! You do NOT need… Read More

Watch the vote (live)

See America voting through a Flickr slideshow (tag: election08). This link should begin with the most recent uploads all day. Update (Nov. 5): Still okay the day after, but not as cool as watching it as it was… Read More

Election Day legal issues and the newsroom

A Florida media law firm, Thomas & LoCicero, sent around a tip sheet for journalists this Election Day. What follows is copied exactly from the firm’s e-mail: In anticipation of Election Day and in recognition of Florida’s checkered… Read More

We could do better

The first image below shows a story that was on the Web front of The New York Times on Sunday, Nov. 2. It’s a feature interview with a woman who hand-fits the neck of a guitar to the… Read More