AVCHD becoming less of a bear

Last fall I blogged about the choice between a MiniDV video camera and the new tapeless models (Tape vs. hard drive vs. card, and AVCHD). The AVCHD format poses some challenges if you are trying to work with older video editing software and/or older computers. However, the prospect of going tapeless (and having faster file transfers) is very appealing.

At The Spokesman-Review newspaper, Colin Mulvaney tells us, they have bought the AVCHD Canon HF-10 (Colin: “This camera can record two channels of audio and has a headphone jack. You just don’t find that in camera under a grand”) and are ready to train a group of journalists armed with 15-inch MacBook Pros and Final Cut Express. Go to the fifth comment on the post, where Colin talks about the AVCHD issue.

Things are looking up! AVCHD is still a grumpy bear if you have older post-production gear, but if you’re buying new, you might be able to go tapeless.

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  1. There are still some “grumpy bear” afflictions with file recording v. tape recording even with the b-cast entities. Many stations working through adjustments to P2 and XDCam can attest to hurdles with even the highest-end cameras and editing gear. It’s all still in a bit of an adolescence, but growing up fast.
    A disclaimer here – I teach the Grass Valley Aurora system during my summer breaks. Our software deals with these two entities quite well, but a lot of coding has gone into making it work seamlessly enough for news.

  2. While a tapeless workflow sounds intriguing I found archiving all the material really demanding and costly. That was the reason why I stuck with tape for now which is my immediate archive right there. And if I´m on a very tight deadline I shoot with a Firestore and with tape for backup.

  3. We have just used the Canon VIXA HF10 for two (third in progress) separate week-long boot camps here at UCB Graduate School of Journalism. The students all used the HF10 for reporting and FCP for capture and editing. The project videos were great and there were no real issues using the AVCHD video.
    Jeremy Rue from the Knight Digital Media Center did extensive research and then wrote this great tutorial that anyone is welcome to use…http://tinyurl.com/4ppuxq.

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