Best information graphics of 2007

I have called it one of the best information graphics ever, and now it’s won the Peter Sullivan award at Malofiej 16, the greatest annual honor in the world for infographics. So if you have never experienced it, please have a look:

Deadly Rampage at Virginia Tech (The New York Times)

It was produced on deadline and went up the morning after the shootings.

Chiqui Esteban says he thinks the NYT’s Is It Better to Buy or Rent? is actually a better graphic. I wouldn’t argue with someone of his talent and experience, but I do consider the Virginia Tech graphic a superior achievement, because it was reported on deadline in a breaking news situation, and it can’t be beat for its storytelling effectiveness.

Another NYT favorite of mine won a gold medal at Malofiej: Climbing Kilimanjaro. This one is another great example of innovation in storytelling. (Make sure you look at the heart rate monitor and oxygenation level!)

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