Best newspaper Web sites

The World Editors Forum asked five prominent newspaper designers to pick their Top 5 newspaper Web site designs:

I agree that is No. 1. I wonder what everyone thinks about the rest of these? (Source.)

I would add the Las Vegas Sun site (some reasons why), and even though it’s not a newspaper site, BBC News (my fave).

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  2. One of my favorites has always been the International Herald Tribune ( clean and powerfully designed with an excellent grid.

  3. I would agree with the IHT web site. Clean is the key. Very easy to navigate. I don’t know see anything great about elpais . I just don’t see it.

    And BBC does count. It’s all the same now — whether it is tv, radio or newspaper. They are all online news outlets — it’s all the same thing.

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  5. Yuck. If this is the best the world can do it is no wonder newspaper companies are in trouble. The telling point about all these sites is that they basically look THE SAME. Similar grids. Photos similarly sized. Headlines similarly sized. Similar functionality. This is another classic example of the lemming effect — no newspaper is comfortable doing something that other newspapers aren’t already doing! Terrible that this is the best WAN could find. Sure, they are okay. But are any of these breaking an NEW ground? No. We recommend our clients go to non-scrolling pages — at least home pages — and grossly simplify their offerings. This means editing. And, to avoid boredom, lots of templates so the smaller page can look DIFFERENT from day to day. And it’s clear our strategy works. Views, unique views, pages, clicks — everything went up and all are climbing. It’s time to break a few molds, folks. Try something different!

  6. @Bill – Did you look at the 24sata site?

    It is a non-scrolling page.

  7. Hello Ms McAdams! I will be your student next semester and I am really looking forward to your class.

    I had the fortune of interning at El Pais last summer, and not only is their Web site design absolutely amazing but the print one is also. Add that to the best journalists, columnists and articles in Spanish language and you are left with newspaper perfection. I’m in love!

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