Blaze like meteors — or, evolve

A thoughtful post by Jay Rosen analyzes the raw emotions unleashed in the comments on Jessica DaSilva’s July 2 post about the Tampa Tribune’s “Black Wednesday.”

He points to the TreeHouse Media Project as an alternative to going gentle into the dark night — one that would redirect the rage into a useful effort.

Laid off? Bought out? Pissed off? Or just overworked because you’re one of the “lucky” ones still working for the walking corpse that is the daily newspaper? Join us, the diaspora, as we work to recapture the joy and passion of our noble profession (source).

The TreeHouse Media Project springs from mind of Rich Heidorn, Jr., “a former reporter and editor for The Philadelphia Inquirer and a survivor of the dot-com and Enron crashes” (source).

Worth looking at.

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