Flight Delay Calculator: Cool and useful

I don’t know what inspired the clever folks at the Las Vegas Sun to concoct this, but it is great fun for a frequent flyer such as I:

Flight Delay Calculator

See what bad records some airports have for delayed flights — all over the United States. Look up your most hated airline (tough choice!) or how long it takes to go through security. All data are pegged to McCarran International Airport, in Las Vegas, but it’s enjoyable to compare the standings even if you never fly to or from McCarran.

2 Comments on “Flight Delay Calculator: Cool and useful

  1. Great link.

    I took the US government links in the article and passed them on — with credit to you and the Sun — to my fellow journalism profs about ways our students can used the information to develop stories and fill out otherwise potentially boring anecdotal stories about air travel.


    I also included it in the DC SPJ blog site.


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