Geoffrey Hiller in Bangladesh

You may know Geoffrey Hiller’s name — he’s a photojournalist and multimedia producer who has worked all over the world (see his portfolio). His photography projects are beautiful and moving, but I also admire his dedication to learning the new tools, including the nasty stuff such as XHTML and CSS. In my mind, he’s the model of a postmodern photojournalist.

Now he’s in Bangladesh on a Fulbright Scholar grant, and he’s blogging! Yay!

Finally after all of these years my fantasy came true. There was an expediter from the American Center waiting for me (a lovely woman in a sari holding a sign with my name, no less) to assist getting me through customs and providing a driver to take me to my guest house. After a short nap I walked over to the Independent University and met with some of the department heads that I’ve been emailing for the past several months.

A Fulbright experience changes how you think. Of course, Hiller is already well traveled, but it’s the teaching and working with other instructors that inserts you into the local culture in a way you can never achieve as a visitor, a vacationer, or even a resident foreign journalist.

For some background on Hiller, see this interview from 2002. He also posts at Verve Photo, where he highlights the work of numerous documentary photographers.

For information about Fulbright awards, see the links at the bottom of my Malaysia page (they are all current, never fear).

Deadline for U.S. students’ applications: Oct. 20, 2008.

Deadline for U.S. scholar grants (professional journalists can also apply!): Aug. 1, 2008

The deadline for non-students is past, but get on the site and have a look for next year.

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  1. don’t forget former multimedia photojournalist Josh Meltzer — also a Fulbright Scholar blogging from Guadalajara, Mexico.

    “Today, we tagged along with Jorge as he skillfully brought 25 students in city public buses to Parque Agua Azul where he hosts a soccer practice each Friday. Amidst large puddles still on the concrete field from last night’s rain storm, they played hard for several hours.

    Just nearby a one-armed older man played a game of handball with a half-dozen men, all much younger than he. Quite an inspiration.”

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