How shared bookmarks can make you smarter

It’s hard to believe I have never before written a blog post about using, but that appears to be so.

Delicious (also known as is a tool I’ve been using for a long time to keep up with information overload. It completely replaced my Firefox bookmarks (IE favorites) a while ago.

The new post I wrote about Delicious bookmarking is here, on a blog for my current crop of online journalism students. The post gives some examples that I think will persuade you to give Delicious a quick tryout.

See also:

How can bookmarking make you smarter? By cutting through the junk and the spam. People bookmark sites because they judge those sites to have value. Maybe some spammers are out there bookmarking, but you can ignore them. Delicious allows you to select other users — even people you don’t know — and add them to a network of trusted sources.

When you feel like seeing what your chosen experts have bookmarked lately, just click open your personal Delicious network.

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  1. And just think about what happens when the search engine you use is prioritizing the websites you and your extended network have established trust with (i.e. “bookmarked”).

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