Learn something new for $1,549

Here’s something you could do to make change possible in your newsroom: Attend the Web App Summit, March 26-28, in California. Yeah, three days for $1,549. I guarantee that you’ll learn more than you would in 10 days at any assortment of journalism industry conferences or workshops.

Andrew DeVigal and Steve Duenes, of The New York Times, will give a presentation on Engaging an Audience: Using Out-of-the-Box Thinking to Create Great Designs.

But please, send the Web-savvy people.

4 Comments on “Learn something new for $1,549

  1. Mindy,

    Who would you say this is aimed at? People with substantial Web experience, looking to add more or people who get the Web, but who haven’t yet added significant Web skills?

    The conference looks interesting. I’m not sure who I’d suggest my work send to it though.

  2. People who can build things. Either the XHTML/JavaScript/Ajax jockey or the CSS-savvy Web designer. Programmers, if you’ve got any. I went to a UIE workshop like this a few years ago in Boston. It was awesome. I learned so much — a lot of it I couldn’t use directly, but it wasn’t a waste of time because it got me thinking and looking in new directions.

  3. Mindy,

    It sounds like I’d be a fit for it, but I doubt my work would send me to another seminar just two months after I head on down to Poynter.

    Well, it can’t hurt to ask. But this Web App Summit sounds pretty awesome.

    We have zero dedicated editorial programmers, which is why I am trying to pick up the mantle.

  4. This is the kind of stuff that makes no sense. Newsrooms already won’t pay for better technology or higher salaries to keep good people, yet we think they’re going to pony up $1,549 for this? They don’t want to develop things like this, and they don’t want the workers to learn these skills — because they’ll leave.

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