MVPs for February

Most visited posts on this blog from February 1, 2008, through March 1, 2008, according to Google Analytics:

  1. 6 tips for comments on stories and j-blogs (this post garnered more than 1,200 pageviews from StumbleUpon in the one-month period, with those visitors spending an average of 1 min. 37 sec. on the page; in contrast, people who came to the post via a link spent an average of 5 min. — whoa! — on the page, although that was only about 10 people)
  2. We are not educators, and we long for the past
  3. How to shoot video interviews
  4. Cheat sheet for multimedia story decisions
  5. Why Al Jazeera English is blocked in the U.S. (revived by a link at Max Blumenthal’s blog; here’s a fascinating stat: people who followed the link from Blumenthal’s post spent an average of 3 min. 21 sec. on my page, while people who came to the same page — in the same one-month period — from StumbleUpon spent an average of 1 min. 19 sec. on my page)
  6. J-school education in the digital era

For that time period, 1,405 URLs were viewed a total of 23,282 times.

There were 17,345 unique pageviews.

There were 12,824 visits and 9,274 “absolute unique visitors.”

See past MVP lists for this blog.

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  1. Those are quite long average times from StumbleUpon users! Often a referral from StumbleUpon can result in a lot of really short visits to a site as serial thumbs-downers trawl through the web. According to some stats from Luke Wroblewski at the IA Summit, 25% of page views on the web are less than 4 seconds, and 52% are less than 10 seconds.

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