Online graphics from the U.S. election

There’s a fine collection of interesting election graphics from news organizations and some magazines, at DesignO’Blog (thanks for the tip, Mark Barilla).

The one from GOOD magazine, while not interactive (print version only), is worth a look — it’s about issues, not votes.

You should also check out the 3-D how-each-county-voted map at It rotates!

Erica Smith (of graphicdesignr, a blog you ought to read) posted a timeline of how the results came in, state by state. has the maps — lots of maps! (Link via Newley Purnell.)

Happy browsing!

4 Comments on “Online graphics from the U.S. election

  1. I highly recommend Good Magazine. Their commentary is always interesting and intelligent, and the infographics (which are all outsourced to a variety of extremely talented design firms) are superb and unexpected.

    Plus, 100% of your subscription fee goes to the charity of your choice. The only downside is that the magazine only comes once every two months!

    Thanks for including me, and I enjoyed Kotke’s maps, though he forgot this one: 🙂

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