Positive developments in Los Angeles?

Some highlights from a speech to the L.A. Times newsroom by Russ Stanton, the new editor, on Feb. 14, 2008 (thanks, Marco!):

Yesterday, we rolled out the first of our breaking news blogs, in Metro — L.A. Now — which is led by blogger extraordinaire Veronique de Turenne. And the first of our neighborhood pages will debut this spring.

We have several cases of new video gear in the building, an entire video staff, and we’re about to hire a full-time instructor to teach those who are interested how to shoot and edit video for their stories. [Oh. My. God. Catch me! I’m fainting!]

We were one of the very few papers in the country to report a gain in circulation in the most recent six-month reporting period.

Online, our traffic continues to grow more than 20% annually and at a greater rate than the rest of our industry.

What kind of speeches has your editor made lately?

One Comment on “Positive developments in Los Angeles?

  1. It looks like the Times made the right decision to go with Stanton instead of that other, much older guy they were also consider.

    A lot of the old timers in the newsroom didn’t want to go with Stanton because he hadn’t “paid his dues.” Whatever that means. A paper like the Times needed a big shakeup.

    It’s clear that most newsrooms would strongly benefit from the shake up a hire like Stanton can provide. Can you imagine having an editor in chief who came from the Web side?!?! That’s just crazy talk.

    I really like how the Times is hiring a full-time instructor. That’s a very forward-thinking decision, and it’s the kind of decision that could quickly turn the Times around.

    I’m trying to get my paper to institute some new blogs, specifically a breaking news blog and a page one blog (a blog to discuss which stories are on the docket for the day).

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