Some online journalism resources

This week is a bit hectic, with a one-hour guest lecture, a two-hour workshop, and a lunch presentation (tomorrow), plus a committee meeting and a faculty meeting, all in five days. This is on top of my regular teaching, and prep for teaching, and the ever-present grading backlog.

So, not to complain, but I’m going to double-dip and offer you readers the two resource pages I made this week. The first was for my guest lecture in Intro to Journalism, and it’s supposed to give the fresh new students an overview of the cool stuff that’s going on in journalism today. The second is for my workshop tonight, and the focus there is on using RSS feeds, social bookmarks, and blogging.

  1. Online Journalism: An Introduction
  2. Tools Training for Journalists (this one is hands-on)

As always, your recommendations are welcome.

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  1. M,

    Interesting sites, do you have any that someone interested in becoming a journalist after a few years in a different field might look at for training/exposure? Are there any reputable online programs?

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you,


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