The Hearst Awards for student journalists

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program has been called the Pulitzer Prizes of (U.S.) student journalism. I can’t say whether that is an exaggeration, but the awards do come with generous money prizes for the individual students and the schools they attend. Journalism educators generally agree on the prestige of the Hearst awards.

I was looking at the 2007 – 2008 Intercollegiate Winners today — this is the ranked list of how the schools fared overall. You’ll recognize the big names there.

You can view the portfolios of the winning photojournalists.

You can read the winning text stories in the writing categories.

You can even (so cool!) watch and listen to the winning TV and radio stories.

Sadly, the Hearst folks have posted only the entries from the top three winners in the multimedia category, which was brand-new last year.

News peg: The first of the many Hearst deadlines for this year is coming up on Oct. 28 (Feature Writing). The single deadline for multimedia is April 28, 2009.

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