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I just took a break from grading my students’ first video stories to look at the NPPA video winners, online here. The Judges’ Choice for video photography is “A Far Off Wild Place,” by Scott Jensen. Wow! It’s 5 min. 37 sec. of beautiful images of brown bears fishing, eating, walking, and generally just being bears — in a fantastic natural setting. Good narration too.

I want to know how Jensen got that sound. What kind of mic did he have? Holy toledo, it’s awesome! The bear’s teeth crunching the fish bones! Sure, there’s some wind noise (I would think he could have cleaned that out), but the sync sound is fantastic.

I have a little gripe about the way Poynter and NPPA are documenting these winners. There’s this rather unhelpful page at the NPPA site — it tells you how many entries there were in each category, but nothing about the winners. Then there’s the video player page at Poynter’s site (linked above), but that tells me virtually nothing about the video or where it came from. For example, does Scott Jensen work for a news organization? Is he independent? Did someone send him to shoot this story? Is he the narrator? There are no credits!

I’m just saying, I’d like to know a little more of the story behind the story for the winners.

After clicking around a lot on the NPPA site I found a page that talks about the Judges’ Choice category. Jensen works for KTUU TV in Anchorage, Alaska.

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  1. Mindy,
    Scott is a former NPPA national photographer of the year (2003). He’s back home in Alaska now, after working for KARE in Minneapolis and Northwest Cable News in Portland. Scott is not only a talented photojournalist, he’s a gifted teacher. Glad to see you highlight his work.

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