We used to use radio for this …

The Olympic Torch carried through San Francisco, reported minute by minute, from the scene:

Click to see the complete image

If you still don’t understand the value of Twitter, click the image to see the story.

(Via Team Tibet, on Twitter.)

4 Comments on “We used to use radio for this …

  1. really really cool.

    what an amazing way of mobilizing people and movements in real time

  2. I can imagine a few situations were play-by-play Twitter reporting might hold my attention, but the majority of what I’ve seen is much more ‘look what I can do!’ than actually interesting or insightful.

  3. @Ryan – What I thought was especially interesting in this case was that the torch was on the move. So there was a special interest in updating its whereabouts minute by minute. Other than sending phone reports, that would be hard to do with other tools.

  4. You can do this as well with live radio from a mobile or satellite phone, as long a you either:
    a) have a good vantage point over a site, or b) can be mobile alongside your target. For the minute by minute account radio’s emotional range and continuity of description are the go – as long as the commentator doesn’t just talk for the sake of filling airtime.

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