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The annual winners of the Society of News Design multimedia design competition include only two Gold awards, and both went to The New York Times.

I missed this one, explaining an accident in New York City. I really like how it uses a photograph combined with animation to show what happened, and it uses that now-familiar NYT infographic template.

The Times’s other Gold award went deservedly to Climbing Kilimanjaro, which I admired in an earlier blog post about the Malofiej awards. It’s interesting to compare these two graphics — Kilimanjaro shines for its innovative and imaginative approach to storytelling, while the crane graphic is notable for its simplicity.

The New York Times really cleaned up this year, taking five out of 12 Awards of Excellence (honorable mention); two out of five Bronze; two out of seven Silver.

Get links to the other winners at SND Update.

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5 Comments on “Winning online graphics

  1. Most of the winning pieces selected are pretty amazing but some of the winning entries really just had no business being selected at all.

    Journalism competitions like these seem to have come a long way very recently in that they are not as political as they used to be and they seem to be more open to innovation, generally speaking.

    But many of these competitions strike me as still being fairly political in that they still tend to favor pieces produced by big media outlets.

    And by “political” I mean conservative.

    As for the SND competition in particular, I’ve heard a lot of people say that they were upset with the results and also upset with Lee Abrams being selected as one of this year’s keynote speakers.

    I personally have nothing against Abrams at all, he strikes me as a wonderful dude, but here is just a couple of examples of what other people are saying out in the open, online:

    1) “The Ten Dumbest Things Said About Newspapers This Year. All By The Same Man!”

    2) A comment by “Bill McGunk” from “War Has Been Declared” on the SND Update blog begins, “Having Lee Abrams as the keynote speaker of an SND event is insane.”

    I won’t dare post the rest.

  2. @Patrick: I would suggest that the comment you referred to came from a certain troll whose name we do not mention. I guess “Bill McGunk” is his new handle.

  3. I wonder who this Bill McGunk really is then? I’m curious.

    I seem to remember another inflammatory post about Abrams being posted to Angry Journalist recently, I wonder if it’s the same dude.

    Surely they must have his IP address logged if he really is a troll?

    I just googled Bill McGunk and didn’t find anything. I’m surprised nobody has outed him yet.

    Can you point to anything else this person has written? You’ve made me very curious!

  4. Bill McGunk did strike me as a fake name, though I had no clue this was a recurrent thing. I wonder if it’s an industry insider who is afraid of revealing their identity?

    It sounds so mysterious!

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