Seeking one-day assist, Friday

I’m leading a one-day Flash workshop for journalists in Cambridge, Mass., this coming Friday. No open seats — sorry! — but I do need one unpaid runner to help the participants when they get stuck. This is a… Read More

Web design updates

I’ve been spending a lot of time updating our advanced Web design course. While it’s known around my college as “the Flash course,” we actually spend the first five weeks on CSS and XHTML. Students have already completed… Read More

Great example of news video

Really tight video with a wonderful animated graphic (embedded in the video) explaining yesterday’s plane crash in the Hudson River — from The New York Times. Length: 2 min. 16 sec. On-site video, interviews, well-written narration, good integration… Read More

A few words about digital audio recorders

Links checked: 31 August 2011 With my students being required to own a digital audio recorder, some things have come to my attention that may be useful to others. First (and primarily) about the cheap recorders: Price. We’re… Read More

A new semester under way

I apologize to my loyal readers, who are probably wondering whether I am giving up on this blog. Well, that’s not my intention, but I have a brave new course this semester — a one-credit introduction to multimedia… Read More

Attention span for Web video

Peter at Video 2 Zero wrote a provocative post, with data — Ideal length for web video — a couple of weeks ago. The gist is, fewer people stick with an online video to the end if the… Read More

Using with new Dashboard

I’ve been using WordPress (both the free version and the self-hosted option from since June 2007 — 18 months. In that time, I’ve taught probably a couple hundred people (students and working journalists) how to start… Read More