Your (journalistic) past can haunt you online

There’s a public service ad on public radio that warns us not to post embarrassing photos online. Once the cat is out of the bag, you probably won’t be able to catch her and stuff her back inside,… Read More

Knowing your audience (do you?)

As we know, newspaper readership and TV news viewing are declining across the board (although not in every market). But the public’s consumption of news and information (let’s not forget, journalists have always provided a fair bit of… Read More

The Internet: Not a parasite on journalism

I enjoyed this post by Shane Richmond at, in which he discusses David Simon’s ignorance about the Web and online journalism: If ‘amateurs’ like David Simon can make The Wire, why can’t they do journalism? Unlike some… Read More

Multimedia journalism teaching: 10 things I learned

One way to teach multimedia reporting skills (by which I mean use of the reporting tools, not HTML and scripting) is to have an intense, short boot camp. Three days, five days maybe, with long hours each day…. Read More

Journalism and the poet, in Jamaica

Some months ago, when I had somehow been persuaded to fly to Los Angeles to participate in a nice event at the USC Annenberg j-school, I learned about a unique project commissioned by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis… Read More

The story you don’t expect is a better story

As a counterpoint to my April 29 post, in which I criticized a much-lauded photojournalism story hosted by, I’d like to praise a different photojournalism story, also at Common Ground, by Scott Strazzante. My student Travis… Read More

H.264 video and Flash Player versions

This year I’ve been experiencing some unexpected problems with viewing video in Flash, and after a conversation today with our college Web admin, Craig Lee, we think we’ve got it sussed out. To cut to the chase, the… Read More