1,000 followers on Twitter

Today is the day I reached the 1,000 milestone — I’m not sure how important this is, really, but it did give me a small thrill. (Very small.)

If you want to jump on the bandwagon, I am macloo on Twitter. A fine young journalist named Chris Deary was No. 1,000.

If you’re still skeptical about Twitter, here are some helpful articles:

Someone recently wrote an excellent list of tips for complete beginners — not the PC Magazine one, and not the one at 10,000 Words, but another one — that was really good, but it seems I failed to add it to Delicious. If someone knows the link, please send it! (It was aimed at absolutely clueless newbies, and it was very nice, clear, brief, and helpful. I recall that it explained the importance of writing a bio, using your real name, and adding a photo/avatar. I think it also explained @ and d, as well as retweeting.)

Find people on Twitter with a Twellow search. (Another site, Mr. Tweet, can recommend people you might like to follow, but I think it works better if you have already been using Twitter for a while and have a backlog of tweets built up.)

Find topics on Twitter from the local search page.

Search with a hash mark (e.g., #journalism) to limit your search to topics.

11 Comments on “1,000 followers on Twitter

  1. Well you just blew my buzz from celebrating 100 followers. Showoff. Lol. Congrats on being popular.


  2. Thanks, Mary — I had not seen that one, and it’s quite good! But that’s not the one I remember. Dang, if only I had bookmarked it …

  3. Hi Mindy,

    Congrats on the milestone. I find it interesting that you only follow a very small portion of the 1000. Doesn’t that make the conversation — essentially what Twitter is all about — rather one-sided?

    Interested to hear your thoughts on this one.


  4. @Koren – You’re right, my ratio of followers to followed is about 10-to-1. A lot of the people who follow me are tweeting things I don’t need to follow, and many of them actually tweet in other languages. I can manage Spanish, but I can’t really deal with tweets in most other languages. Sometimes I follow people for about a week or two and then un-follow them. I’m fussy about signal-to-noise.

  5. Mindy,

    Congrats on your Twitter popularity. I don’t know if this is the guide you remember, but Etan Horowitz, the Orlando Sentinel tech writer, has a good beginner’s guide to Twitter. You can follow him on Twitter too, @etanowitz. His tutorial is at http://tinyurl.com/amekcm.

    You can also find other Sentinel twitter accounts at orlandosentinel.com/twitter. (Some are better than others). And if my goal is to catch you, I need more followers too. Follow me @osphoto.

    And for the hesitant journalist, let me say one thing; I have found sources and story ideas from twitter feeds. Really.

    Tom Burton
    Photos Editor and Multimedia Producer
    Orlando Sentinel

  6. Hi, Tom. I already follow you (smile!). Etan’s guide is very good, but that’s also not the one I recall. It had nice illustrations for each item on the list and a lot of white space — it was quite easy to read.

    Not gonna follow Etan until SXSW is over!

  7. According to what I heard at SXSW, this must mean that you “give good URL.”

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