Updated tutorials for Audacity (audio editing)

I finally revised and updated the three tutorials I use to teach journalism students and professionals how to edit audio using Audacity, a free program that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Feel free to use these handouts “as is” in classrooms or training or workshops.

For an introduction to audio editing, I usually use only the first handout, the “super-fast guide.”

I would estimate I have used these handouts to train more than 200 journalists and students (maybe more than 300) in the past two years.

22 Comments on “Updated tutorials for Audacity (audio editing)

  1. Thanks, Mindy. Your handouts are always so helpful in the classroom. I’ll add these to the list of my tutorials for Writing for New Media classes.

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  5. Mindy,

    As a commercial photographer wanting to add multi-media skills to the mix, I find ALL of your post and tutorials to be invaluable. Keep ’em coming.


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  9. Thanks, Mindy, for compiling these and, more importantly, for being willing to share them!

  10. Thanks for sharing these … and just in time for the fall semester! I’ll link to this post on my class blogs.

  11. I go looking for these all the time on your links. Thanks for the updates.

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  14. I am a student taking Online Media in my junior year of college. I think that it would be helpful if there was a class that freshman were required to take that briefly touched base with these topics. Maybe offering this free program to these students could get them on the right path.

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