Visual storytelling tips

I just found this excellent 24-slide tutorial on Slideshare. It’s really about how to think about telling a story with pictures, so the title “Storyboarding” is misleading. But there’s some nice stuff in it, especially if you’re teaching audio slideshows to journalism students.

The presentation comes from Vadim Isakov, who teaches taught journalism at Ithaca College in New York.

Updated 31 August 2011

5 Comments on “Visual storytelling tips

  1. It’s great that this slideshow mentions Shawn Rocco’s blog! He’s doing some really amazing work in Raleigh with some really simple equipment (his cell phone camera).

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  3. Thanks for that. I remember receiving a similar lecture in the photojournalism module of BPhil degree at the university of Stellenbosch, South Africa. I still remember all the principles thanks to the vivid examples and have tried to apply them to my own photos ever since.

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