Apple, Adobe and HTML5

I’ve been working on a blog post about the tech topic du jour — not the power play between two corporate giants so much as the implications for online video, for interactive graphics, for Web standards — and it got to be awfully long, so I set it aside for a while.

But I also had to prepare for a lecture and discussion with my students about the near future, and what they need to know — today — about HTML5. That led me to produce this PowerPoint, drawing on the research I had done for the blog post.

So I’ll return to the post (or maybe it’s more than one post) in a couple of days. For now, I think the PPT gives a pretty good summary of the current situation.

If you want the sources for the PPT, you can download a PDF here.

8 Comments on “Apple, Adobe and HTML5

  1. I think the association between Apple and HTML5 is confusing at best. Adobe is a solitary company but Apple is part of a large group comprising… well, everybody except Adobe.

    The real difference between the HTML5 and Flash approaches is, to me: if Adobe were to disappear, Flash and all Flash websites would be obsolete (because single-vendor software needs to be maintained); but if Apple were to disappear tomorrow, HTML5 would be just fine (because open standards and, yes, even patented software can be absorbed by new developers).

  2. I think it’s not productive to look at this as Flash vs. HTML5. Adobe does not want to eliminate or change HTML5, as far as I know.

    The question that is obscured when we say “Apple vs. Adobe” is the question of the video standard. Now in addition to H.264 and Ogg, we have Google about to open-source ON2. That’s three video standards competing for pride of place in HTML5.

  3. loved the powerpoint, mindy — nice to know we’re on the same page on this issue. two things i wanted to get your view on were: a) the just-released flash cs5 that includes a packager to make your flash apps iphone-compliant and b) the fact that apple’s iphone app developer agreement has just outlawed the use of the flash packager for any future apps.

  4. Hi, Rob! Thanks for leaving a comment.

    A couple months ago when I heard that we would be able to easily make iPhone apps using Flash CS5, I was very excited! Then the great Lee Brimelow posted one of his great tutorials that showed exactly how easy it would be, and I was even MORE excited.

    Then Apple said no apps made with any Adobe software would be permitted in the Apps Store.

    I felt disgusted.

  5. HTML5 may be good. But I don’t like to see some company using something in the future as a excuse of assault. Why not keep the diversity. And let users to make choices.

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