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I would call this past 12 months “the year I re-learned ActionScript.” After a semester of teaching Adobe Flash CS4 and ActionScript 3.0 to journalism/design students, I’ve got a better handle on both. I’m not too worried about CS5 changing too much — CS4 was the radical, once-in-a-decade (I hope) reworking of the foundations of the Flash application.

So as to share the wealth, I organized many of the tutorial files I created for my students and put them online here: How to Do Stuff in Flash CS4 (AS3).

This is not a comprehensive, how-to-do-everything-in-Flash set of lessons. The students also had a textbook. For further details, see Updating Flash Journalism (Dec. 6, 2009) and Updating Flash Journalism (Part 2).

The tutorials and Flash files are free to download and use for any non-commercial purpose.

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