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Lately I have been spending a lot of time building an online course for our journalism students at the University of Florida. I can’t offer the course to the public because it’s in the university’s distance learning system and open only to enrolled students.

However, I have been updating and posting many of the resources and tutorials at Journalists’ Toolkit, a separate WordPress blog I set up outside the university’s “paywall.” By organizing that site in the WordPress CMS, I am able to manage the pages and posts more easily than using the static pages within the university’s course development system.

I would really appreciate it if you have any useful resources to recommend for tools, tutorials, etc., for budding online journalists and multimedia reporters. The categories of the site are:

  • Audio
  • Blogs and Blogging
  • Design
  • General Info
  • HTML and CSS
  • Tools and Software
  • Video

I would really welcome input from the community. As always, all the stuff I put out here is free for you to use and adapt in your own courses, classes and workshops. If you want to contribute something and retain rights to it, that would be fine with me.

4 Comments on “Journalists’ Toolkit: My other blog

  1. This is great Mindy.
    These might be useful:
    Myna (online audio editor – works superbly, and means can work collaboratively if necessary)
    Jaycut (online video editor – have less experience using this directly). – this might be a little too ‘video maker’ oriented, but perhaps of some use?

  2. @Simon Ellis – I like that Vimeo link! Thanks!

    I have looked at the online editing tools, including JayCut. I think they are nice for people who are playing around, but in my opinion, a journalist needs to have offline tools on her or his own computer.

  3. Mindy,

    I’ve been following your blog for a long time. It’s great to see a new one devoted to tools and resources. I’ve been keeping a list of tools, most are free, that I found useful on my blog.

    Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.


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